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Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy janmashtami to all of you:sms

Today is birthday of the greatest musician of the world lord krishna.He used to be most genius person who used to rule the world by his ability of making fun of serious matters.He had talent to convince people in the manner he wanted them to work.He was also very much famous among the Gopi's of vrundavan and all of them loved him very much.It is said that when he played the flute Gopi's became so much involved in that music that they forgot everything and just listened to the music and when the music stopped they again came to their senses.
He also played a great role in Mahabharata( the longest war in the history of world)
People call him as Kanhaiya or kanha.
His birthday is celebrated all over the India and also the world and is popularly known as janmashtami

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